Open Tabs: Link Round-Up For The Weekend Of April 13

What I’m reading, watching, downloading, discussing, and thinking about this week.

Rethinking ConsumptionA fascinating look at global attitudes, motivations, and behaviors toward conscious consumption from BBMG, a sustainability innovation firm that I’m kinda-sorta obsessed with.

Organic Eden Foods’ quiet right-wing agenda by Irin Carmon on Though it markets to liberals, Eden Foods’ political beliefs are anything but.

The Bumpy Path to the High Road, by Claire Whitcomb for Eileen Fisher Ampersand. An interview with Eileen Fisher’s Director of Social Consciousness on the brand’s efforts to incorporate sustainability into its supply chain.

TextExpanderDuring my time in the start-up world, I was obsessed with a useful but jenky little app called Typinator, which allowed me to create keyboard shortcuts for commonly used words, phrases, and emails. TextExpander is like it, but better.

And Mad Men, of course. I’m so happy it’s back, even though Don is starting to freak me out.

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